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  • 18:09, 23 June 2022Emmanuel Gil Peyrot Application 2022 (hist | edit) ‎[2,501 bytes]Link Mauve (talk | contribs) (Add my application)
  • 06:36, 22 June 2022Bartosz Malkowski Application 2022 (hist | edit) ‎[1,220 bytes]Bmalkow (talk | contribs) (Created page with "= About Me = == Who I am == My name is Bartosz Malkowski. I'm 45. I live in Poland. == What I do == I'm the owner of the Polish branch of Tigase and I'm a member of several [] projects. = Jabber/XMPP Projects= I am the maintainer and the main developer of few XMPP related projects: * [ tigase-halcyon] is XMPP library written in Kotlin Multiplatform. * [")
  • 01:47, 20 June 2022Peter Saint-Andre Application 2022 (hist | edit) ‎[1,069 bytes]Stpeter (talk | contribs) (Created page with "== Contact == * Name: J. Peter Saint-Andre * Nickname: stpeter * XMPP address: [] * Email address: [] * Website: [] * Affiliation: none == XMPP Contributions == I got involved with the Jabber community in November 1999 and have been contributing ever since. I authored many of the early XEPs as well as the core XMPP RFCs at the IETF. For many years I serve...")
  • 13:56, 17 June 2022Konstantin Kozlov Application 2022 (hist | edit) ‎[1,147 bytes]Yagiza (talk | contribs) (Created page with "= My name = Konstantin Kozlov AKA Yagiza. = About me = For many years (since 2010) I develop [ eyeCU]: cross-platform, [ Qt]-based, open source, [ Geoloc]-oriented muli-featured XMPP client. I just have my vision of further XMPP evolution, so I'd like to participate in it. Now I'm also the author of [ XEP-0394: Message Markup]. = My current company (offi...")
  • 11:43, 17 June 2022Ralph Meijer Application 2022 (hist | edit) ‎[1,805 bytes]Ralphm (talk | contribs) (Created page with "My name is Ralph Meijer ([ ralphm]) and I'm applying for the continuance of my XSF membership. I've been an active member of the Jabber community since late 2000. I have co-authored a number of XEPs, all around publish-subscribe technologies, and contributed to many others, as well as the XMPP specifications submitted to the IETF. Furthermore I have served on the XMPP Council from 2004 through 2013 and serve on the XSF Board since 2013, as Chair since 2...")
  • 09:37, 9 June 2022Meeting-Minutes-2022-06-09 (hist | edit) ‎[2,070 bytes]Alex (talk | contribs) (Created page with "== Agenda == * Where: * Log: * Time: Thursday, 2022-06-09 19:00 UTC * When is 19:00 UTC in your local time? [ Click here!] === Call for Quorum === The following 35 XSF members voted via proxy: * admin (at) * andrzej.wojcik (at) * bmalkow (at) * dan.caseley (at) * daniel (at) * daniel (at) * edhelas (at)...")
  • 10:42, 6 June 2022Membership Applications Q3 2022 (hist | edit) ‎[2,389 bytes]Alex (talk | contribs) (Created page with "This page lists applications for membership in the [ XMPP Standards Foundation] received for Q3 2022. Applications are welcome from people who are active in the Jabber/XMPP community! To apply, create a wiki page about yourself. If you don't have a wiki account, join the [ jdev chatroom] or send your name, e-mail address, and preferred nickname to one of the Sysops, who will be happy to create an ac...")
  • 22:34, 5 June 2022Yvo Meeres Application 2022 (hist | edit) ‎[2,621 bytes]Eevvoor (talk | contribs) (Creating Yvo Meeres Application 2022)
  • 17:55, 22 May 2022Waqas Hussain Application 2022 (hist | edit) ‎[728 bytes]Waqas (talk | contribs) (Created page with "Hi, I'm Waqas Hussain. I've been involved with the XMPP community and the XSF for over a decade. == XMPP-related work == I'm part of the <span class="plainlinks">[ Prosody]</span> core team, one of its founding developers. I've also contributed to a variety of XMPP specs, and am mentioned in the RFCs. == Future plans == The Prosody team and the broader Modern XMPP project has interesting plans for the future. We would like to take the project to the...")
  • 21:10, 17 May 2022Paul Schaub Application 2022 (hist | edit) ‎[2,036 bytes]Vanitasvitae (talk | contribs) (Created Application Page for 2022)
  • 09:24, 10 May 2022Sprints/2022 July Gruenstadt (hist | edit) ‎[1,108 bytes]Jcbrand (talk | contribs) (Created page with "{{event}} == Date and Time == 9, 10 July 2022 == Contact == The sprint is being coordinated in the invite-only room The receive an invite, contact == Venue == This sprint takes place in Grünstadt, in a German wine region. Given that the sprint is held at someone's house, the specific address is not shared here. Please ask in the MUC == Accommodati...")
  • 18:29, 2 April 2022Andrzej Wójcik Application 2022 (hist | edit) ‎[3,124 bytes] (talk | contribs) (Created page with "My name is Andrzej Wójcik and I live in Poland. I'm 36 now and I'm very interested in XMPP since 2005. I am applying to retain my XSF membership. Currently, I work for [ Tigase] If you need to contact me send a jabber message to the address: andrzej.wojcik AT or an email to andrzej.wojcik AT == History == A few years ago, I was working on an XMPP client ( a fork of [ Psi]) named Synapse-IM. During lack of time...")
  • 13:14, 31 March 2022Kevin Smith Application 2022 (hist | edit) ‎[2,417 bytes]Kevin (talk | contribs) (Created page with "As always, I'll try to make a short application, although some of my older applications have more details. If people feel these are unhelpfully short, or have questions, please let me know (I guess the Discussion page here would do, or mail me at Isode). I'm Kevin Smith, I work at Isode Ltd. where I'm responsible for the XMPP server and client (Swift) activities. My personal addresses are for email, and for XMPP, but...")