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About Me

I'm Joachim Lindborg Geolocated in Uppsala Sweden Dedicated to innovative technologies around energy efficiency, visualisations and smart energy usage and the emerging technologies for advanced energy control both in private and in commercial with the drive towards smart customers on a global market.

General Background

Computer Science at Uppsala University Sweden Information Technology Uppsala I have been working the field of energy and smart homes and energy efficiency since 1996 and have been working in a broad flora of tools to measure control and make energy efficiency happen. Producer of 32.3kW solar energy.

Past and current Work

  • Many years of smart energy services for the large utility Vattenfall
  • Working alot with various sensor networks such as LonWorks / LonMark, Modbus, IEC1107, Mbus, wMbus RS485 related.
  • Created the system for eneregysavings company [1]
  • Currently working in the Swedish research company Sustainable Innovation with energy efficiency
  • doing research together with network embedded systems group at SICS
  • Mentoring in GSOC 2015 on xmpp-iot gsoc project implementing simple gui and tools for connecting IoT devices

My XMPP focus

I have seen so many "final solutions" for the inetroperabilty problem regarding intelligent energy control so far I've never seen anything having such a potential as XMPP and the extensions for IoT. Earlier attempts such as CORBA and OSGI and know the latest Fi-ware has never made me believe it is possible to move away from the legacy standards such and zigbee,modbus and the alike to a more interoperable world

My solid feeling is that IP togheter with extensions on XMPP is a very good candidate to be a distributed solution that can do the trick to open up the energy sector and move data easily between company borders to enable the future energy services that we need to save the planet.

look more on

I'm maintaining the website that tries to explain the IoT concepts

Contact Information