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This is a work page for the XSF's Infrastructure Team.



The XSF's Infrastructure Team is responsible for maintaining and improving the machines, software, and other tools used by the XSF to deliver its websites, discussion lists, chatrooms, and other services.

Team Members

The Team Leader is Kevin Smith. The complete team roster is:

  • Tobias Markmann -- XEP tools, web, source control
  • Edwin Mons -- DNS, mail, lists, web, OS
  • Peter Saint-Andre -- DNS, mail, lists, XEP tools, web, XMPP, source control, certificates
  • Jonathan Siegle - OS, firewalls, data backup
  • Kevin Smith -- OS, web, XMPP, source control
  • Mike Taylor -- Dev Tools
  • Matthew Wild -- OS, web, XMPP

Current Machines

  • atlas
 Mail, DNS
 Machine: HP ProLiant DL360
 Acquired: 2003?
 CPU: Dual P4 Hyperthreaded Xeon CPUs (2.4 Ghz)
 RAM: 2 Gig
 LAST DEBIAN UPDATE: 9/21/2014(Wheezy)
  • eos
 intended to be for just about everything XSF
 Machine: ???
 CPU: ???
 RAM: ???
 LAST Debian Update: ???
  • hermes2
 XMPP server (this is actually used for jabber.org only and is not an XSF machine!)
 Machine: HP ProLiant D385 G2 
 CPU: Dual 2.8 GHz Opteron CPU(2220)
 RAM: 16 GB
 LAST Debian Update: 3/1/2015 (Wheezy)

Network Infrastructure

Network services and NOC space graciously provided by USSHC.