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We're working on a relaunch of the jabber.org website using Drupal as the content management system.

We're getting close! See the Website-migration-plan for details...

Get Involved

If you'd like to help, please:

Target Audiences

  • End Users (main focus)
  • Managers
  • Server Admins
  • Developers


Current Site Statistics

See Current Site Statistics in July 2007 What do we need on the site for what target group?

Sections and Pages

You can find all the details on the wiki See Jabber.org relaunch navigation

Other focus points

  • Great layout/design/corporate identity
  • Keep it simple, trivial to navigate, use and update
  • Client database (features, website, platform, etc)
  • Library and component databases
  • Server database (from xmpp.net)

Bonus features

  • Internationalized versions? (i.e. same site in French/Spanish/German/etc.)
  • XMPP tools (Like transport registration, vcard editing, etc)
  • Features like HTTP-Auth_suite
  • Web-based messenger
  • Registry of MUC rooms
  • Jabber user directory (profiles with map integration)


  • Drupal (CMS)
  • MediaWiki (integrated into Drupal) to facilitate collaboration on content?
  • Custom Drupal modules i.e. for client database
  • Flyspray (issue tracker)

Content Starting Points, Examples

  • Full-Time Jabber: Explains the basic ideas behind jabber
  • Jabber Australia: Good example of a user centric jabber site
  • What the f*ck is Jabber?: Very good site that explains Jabber to Aunt Tilly. It's in Dutch, but there are sufficient people that can help translating if needed. The content probably may be used if we ask the author of that site (I know him).
  • I'll be happy to contribute any usable content for this website that I wrote on the ejabberd website, the Coccinella website, and other projects. I can relicense all code (if still needed) under http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ Maybe it is a good idea to collect other people that also want to contribute existing information...
  • Jabber history: This project is intended to move to the new community infrastructure when it is made available.


Design proposals (content is only placeholder!)


design update illustrations


There is an extra Mindmap page now.




Client page mockup - Testing a conception, will send to the list :)

Forum Structure

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