Current Site Statistics in July 2007

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Analysis of Last Month

Keyword analysis

The most used search engine for was google (At least, according to google analytics:) Here are the top keywords, by share:

File:Stats Graphic.jpg

On a chart:

File:Stats 1.jpg

File:Stats 2.jpg

I think you get the point...

One interesting data is the average time spent on site: seekers of "jabber client" spent on an average of 2.07 pages on the site. If you think about it, it's good for us: it means that they've instantly found what they wanted (looked at the main page and then the client list). However, if you look at "jabber account" the seekers looked over 5.49 pages on average. I believe it means that they haven't got their answer.

Referring sites

Here are the top ten referring sites in piechart:

File:Stats 3.jpg

Let's see this by individual sources (not including the site, I hope you understand :)

So these are the sources. Let's see the


It's no surprise for the most of us, that on average, the main page and the client list is the most popular:

File:Stats 5.jpg

Public servers are popular too - so users need to know how to connect to the network.

What do people do when they land on the main page? Well, just see this:

File:Stats 4.jpg

Which means that there are a lot of users who need that overview (are they probably new to jabber?) When I'm asked which client is the best, I often point to the clients page, for people who know jabber in general also. This way it's no surprise that in 28.29% of the time, the client page is the entrance page, which somehow does not sum to 100% with main page entrances...reason: analytics bug :) but it's clearly the second main entrance.

Let's see those entrances:

File:Stats 6.jpg

These are where user land at the first time. It's no surprise that the main page is the main entrance, but for only the 53% of users. These pages above (the top ten) should be really carefully designed.

Yearly review

In the last 365 days, these contents were the most popular:

File:Stats 7.jpg

The sources were almost equally distributed: a third of them came from search engines, a third of them from referral sites, and a third was sel-reference.

Our main referals:

File:Stats 8.jpg

The most searched keywords were:

File:Stats 9.jpg

It's strange that they also looked for chatrooms here, but they give up very fast:

File:Stats 10.jpg