Yvo Meeres Application 2022

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My name is Yvo Meeres and I am reapplying for membership in the XSF.

About me

I am an interdisciplinary scientist in the areas of theoretical computer science, AI and cognitive science.

About my nick

My nick name is eevvoor.

  1. Eevvoor is an English transliteration of yvo plus an r.
  2. Handwritten it reminds of error. The connotation error suits well to me since I am very good at running into bugs in SW, HW or real life on the one hand and, on the other hand, error-tolerant behavior, also called robust, is my research area.


My affiliations have been in science all together:

  • University of Leipzig (currently)
  • University of Lüneburg
  • University of Hamburg
  • Christian-Albrecht-University of Kiel
  • Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M)

My XMPP projects and activities

Hamburg XMPP Meetup: I founded the Hamburg XMPP meetup in 2018.

Berlin XMPP Meetup: the monthly Meetup in Berlin is one of my favorite monthly activities.

Socially: I motivate people to move away their chat activities from the global players.

Research: ANIS – Artificial and Natural Intelligence in Semantics is a planned research project. My colleague flammie and me wrote the ANIS research proposal with XMPP as one of the scientific methods. In case of funding, a server-side solution for enhanced media access is planned which would incorporate smart techniques like machine translation or automated media search. Above sketched new features would be accessible via XMPP clients of all flavors. This means that interoperability has for me higher priority over feature-richness.

I contributed to the German initiative free messengers from *IM* and am active in the corresponding MUC as well as in the more specific MUC where XMPP and FLOSS in general are discussed for schools.

Libervia: I am a member of the French non-profit organization Salut a toi.

Movim: I use Movim as a blog SW since I can sketch and scribble in seconds. Movim serves me well as a sketchbook for my mathematical thoughts about graphs.

XMPP - Why I love it

My interests are FLOSS, encryption and decentralization. As a logical consequence, I love XMPP.


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