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Berlin XMPP Meetup
Date: second Wednesday every month, 18:00 local time
Location: somewhere in Berlin (read announcements)

This group was created to gather the Berlin XMPP community. Join our group if you are running your own XMPP infrastructure, developing a client or server, if you are using XMPP to control your coffee machine, or if you have any other interest in this protocol. Let's meet and exchange our experience, discuss difficulties, or forge a plan to take over the world!

If you're not using XMPP yet, you can get an account on a public server. Once you have an account, join us in our room.

Everyone is welcome here and the talks are usually hold in English if there's someone not understanding German.

Upcoming Meetups

Meetups take place at the second Wednesday of every month, somewhere in Berlin (inside of the S-Bahn ring). Once there are details about the topic of the next talk available, the next meetup is announced on our blog.