Waqas Hussain for Council 2011

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I'm Waqas Hussain, aged 25, living in Pakistan.

I've been an XSF member for three years now, and active in the community for over six.

My membership applications may be interesting to read: 2008, 2009, 2010.

What I do

I'm one of the two core developers on the Prosody team. As part of this project, I've implemented the XMPP RFCs, and dozens of XEPs.

I'm an active member of the community, contributing patches to various projects, participating in standards discussions, sitting in on council sessions, and am a regular in the jabber support and development channels.

I'm also a member of various XSF teams.

Why I should be on the council

I have a lot of interest in the XEP standardization process. As both a server and client developer, I have a vested interest in keeping XMPP specifications sane. The Prosody project tends to incorporate spec updates quite fast, and we frequently implement experimental XEPs or experimental features of stable XEPs. This gives me a unique perspective on the XMPP specifications. I'm quite active on the standards mailing list.

There are also a fair number of specifications I'd like to see progress on. These include

  • archiving
  • mobile optimizations (SIFT, etc)
  • replacement for vcard-temp
  • resolution of issues with entity caps
  • etc.


XMPP: waqas@jaim.at