Waqas Hussain Application 2013

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I'm Waqas Hussain, and I'm reapplying for XSF membership.

For details on me, and the how and why of my getting involved, see all my previous applications.

Projects this year

  • I've mainly been involved in the Prosody project
  • I've implemented XMPP-IM, as well as dozens of XEPs in Prosody, including MUC, PEP, vCards, XML-RPC, service discovery, etc
  • I've been working on a number of other interesting projects, but they are not public yet



  • I can usually be found hanging around in the JDev and Prosody rooms, frequently rendering assistance to new users
  • I'm also relatively active on the various XMPP mailing lists, arguing about this and that

Future plans

  • I'll continue to work on Prosody; we have some pretty interesting plans for upcoming versions
  • I'm interested in contributing to existing XEPs, as well as in writing and implementing some new ones
  • I've been spending time on some testing and performance tools
  • If I tried listing all my plans, I'll miss the application submission deadline


Same as last year:

  • Ping me over jabber: waqas at prosody dot im
  • Send me an email: waqas20 at gmail dot com
  • Or you can just poke me in the JDev or Prosody rooms