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Kim Alvefur for Council


I’m Kim “Zash” Alvefur. You may know me from various MUCs, mailing lists and Summits. I’ve been an XSF member since forever but never once been on Council. I mostly do server-side implementation in the form of Prosody and Prosody accessories.


Why not?


I have opinions. Surely I can translate those into votes? How hard can it be?

As a server implementer I'll likely be more excited about doing cool things in servers than in clients.

Beware that I was pretty happy with the status quo in 2006.

How to get me to vote for your proposals

  • Solve a problem.
  • Improve the state of XMPP.
  • Reuse existing protocols and formats where it makes sense.
  • Don’t forget backwards compatibility, but don’t worry too much about it either.
  • Reasons and rationales.
  • Use the secret passphrase defined in XEP-0028.


Vote for me. Or not. I’m not your boss.

Why 2020 in the title? 2019 is mostly over. Most of the term is in 2020. And it sounds cool.