Kim Alvefur Application 2011

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Hello, my name is Kim, and I'm an XMPP addict. You've probably seen me hang around various MUC rooms under the nickname Zash.


I am reachable through XMPP or email.

In short, I ..

  • am a perfectionist.
  • am a minimalist.
  • am a free software fan.
  • like seeing things improve.
  • like solving problems.


  • The dawn of time: The Universe was born. Or already existed, whatever.
  • Then some stuff happend.
  • The 80's: I was born. Grew up, played with LEGOs.
  • The 90's: First contact with computers, found that I could make them do stuff. And also with the Internet, through dialup. I saw that it was awesome.
  • Late 90's to early 00's: Mostly web stuff, slowly creeping towards the serverside.
  • 2006: Found out about Jabber/XMPP while being annoyed by MSN, got my first JID. Then I got myself my own personal server and domain.
  • 2008: Got involved in an organisation using an closed, proprietary IM network. The Linux client is horrible and soul-crushing. I die a bit on the inside every time I even look at it. So I begin an epic quest to convince them to switch to XMPP.
  • 2009: I start trying to improve the state of XMPP software by reporting bugs and contributing smaller patches.
  • 2010-present: Got stuck in orbit around The Prosody project, where I've been writing plugins, patches and trying to be helpful. Also hacked on other related Lua projects like like clix, verse and riddim.

Why I'm applying

  • To show my support.
  • Access to secret membership privileges.
  • Help implement XEP-0028.