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= Layout=
= Layout =
  [[Tech pages/IoT_systems|Main]] Main page
  [[Tech pages/IoT_XepsExplained|IoT_XepsExplained]] Description of xeps and their interaction
  [[Tech pages/IoT_Examples|IoT_Examples]] Mashup some examples from different industries, help finding new ones
  [[Tech pages/IoT_Support|IoT_Support]] Here we describe who support this and related work that can help you.
  [[Tech pages/IoT_Interoperability|IoT_Interoperability]] How we will keep everything truly interoperable
  [[Tech pages/IoT_XMPP_Process|IoT_XMPP_Process]] How is the process of the xep's and interoperability interfaces managed
  [[Tech pages/IoT_ConstrainedDevices|IoT_ConstrainedDevices]] Going in to the world of restricted devices we need special care.
  [[Tech pages/IoT_LocalEnvironment|IoT_LocalEnvironment]] When dealing with home automation or a local network we need serverless or a local server configuration
  [[Tech pages/IoT_HttpOverXmpp|IoT_HttpOverXmpp]] This extension creates a view of webservices through the XMPP network

== Overview ==
== Overview ==


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