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= XMPP Summit 17 =

The XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) will hold its 19th XMPP Summit around [[FOSDEM_2016|FOSDEM 2016]]. '''Tentative''' dates are January 28 and 29.

To participate in this (or any future summit), please join the [ discussion list] and post with your participation request or ideas for Summit topics.

= Meeting Notes =
[[Summit 19 minutes]]

= Logistics =

== Venue ==


== Times ==


= Agenda =

Possible topics (please augment as desired):

* ''Your topic here''

The agenda items from the last Brussels summit are available on the [[Summit 17#Agenda|Summit 17]] page. Please post to the [ discussion list] if you would like any of these topics re-visited or updated during Summit 19 or if you have suggestions for Summit 19 topics.


Like previous years, the XSF requested hosting the Realtime Lounge and a devroom. The assignments have not yet been announced. See [[FOSDEM_2016|FOSDEM 2016]] for details.

= Summit Participants =

The following people plan to be there in person. The list '''MUST''' be kept
sorted (on last name, ascending).

{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Given name !! Family name !! Nickname !! colspan="2"| Hotel check in - out !! booked? !! comments
| Ralph || Meijer || ralphm || wed || sun || no ||
| Edwin || Mons || intosi || wed || sun || no ||

= Hotel Booking =

The designated hotel is [ Aloft Brussels Schumann]. Please fill in your check-in and check-out dates in the
participants list above, so we can try to arrange a group discount.

= Remote Participation =

We will use the [] chatroom for coordination. A/V '''TBD'''

The following people plan to participate remotely some or all of the time:

* ''Your name here''

= XSF Dinner =

As usual, the XSF will hold a dinner for XSF participants in conjunction with the Summit. XSF members attend for free.

== Time and Venue ==


== Sponsors ==
The following organizations and individuals stepped up to sponsor the dinner:

To sponsor future XSF dinners, please contact any member of the XSF Board! No donation too small (or too large)!

= GPG key signing =

During the summit there will be the possibility to sign each others GPG keys. If you want to have your keys signed, please take along:
* Key printouts with the following:
** your first name and last name
** the e-mail adresses and other id's you would like to have signed
** the key-id and encryption method (eg: 4096R/1A2B3C4D)
** key fingerprint (visible with: gpg -v --fingerprint 1A2B3C4D)
* Some official ID with photo (e.g. Passport or drivers license)
Prepared like this, it should not take more then 15 minutes to cross-sign the keys of everybody who is interested.
More info can be found at: [ Debian Wiki on Keysigning]. Some handy scripts for making mass-signing more easy can be found in the [ Signing party Debian package].

Here are the people who plan to participate in key signing:

* Ralph Meijer


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