Severino Ferrer de la Peñita for Board 2018

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Welcome to my Board of Directors application.

You may know me by Seve or SouL in the XMPP network.

As many other candidates, to avoid copying information of myself from other places,
I would like fellow XSF members to read my past member applications to know more about me and get a grasp of how I am.

Please check the following URLs:


I'm a very active member of the XMPP community as well as a big XMPP enthusiast.
I'm currently part of the Communication Team, and plan to continue being part of it.

One of the reasons I decided to join the team was helping out the XSF (and so, XMPP).
I love and enjoy being part of the XSF and share my time with fantastic people that care about XMPP.

I advocate for ideas like 'Easy XMPP' but even though instant messaging is a big part of the protocol,
I consider all other uses like IoT or social networking important too, and so they deserve attention as well.

I seek more knowledge about XMPP in the general public and awareness is a topic I consider interesting to approach.
As an example, many companies are proud to display on their websites what technologies they use,
including programming languages, frameworks, services, and so on.
XMPP is widely used, but sometimes left behind in such banners.

I have availabilty to attend the meetings. I bring positivity and willingness to pursue XSF goals.

I can't feel serving the board as an obligation but as an exciting experience I would gladly take care of.