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Hi there!

I'm Severino Ferrer de la Peñita, but you can call me Seve :)
I've been using 'SouL' as my nickname on the XMPP network so far, and I stay on all MUCs I find interesting, so maybe you have seen me somewhere :)

I can't remember exactly when I discovered XMPP, but I do remember the feeling when I found it.
At that time MSN Messenger was the popular thing, and I was a very happy, happy user.
I didn't know anything about federated systems, and when I started reading about XMPP, it was just an unbelievable thing for me.
Everything started to make sense.
After that great, great discover, I couldn't understand why XMPP was not the official way of doing things, why I did not know about the protocol before, and such kind of questions one has in that situation.

After that, I've been a real big fan of it (maybe my love for chatting has something to do here also :))

Now that I'm able, I'm starting to contribute back to XMPP. Apart from little projects like bots and such,
I'm the co-author of XEP-0382: Spoiler messages, also implementing it in some clients (Converse.js for the moment), and of course, maintaining a server for family, friends and whoever I meet and needs an account :)

Why I'm applying

Until now, I've been only able to contribute on the user side, showing the magic of XMPP to people, following XMPP discussions, etc.
Now that I want to be an active contributor, the close to the XSF, the better :)
I'm very interested in pushing XMPP forwards in all aspects, and helping in whatever is needed, being it keeping clients modern implementing new XEPs, servers, XSF Work Teams, IoT, etc, since I feel there's a lack of manpower nowadays.
I really believe in the protocol and everything surrounding it. I love its nature and the many possible uses of it.
I like how easy is to get in touch with the XSF and with its members and I would be very proud of being one of them.
Also, I love the logo, who can resist to a beautiful logo?