Matthew Wild for Board 2023

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Matthew Wild, founder of the Prosody IM XMPP server project, Modern XMPP, Snikket, and some other things.

See further background in my membership applications.

Past experience

  • Council member for a number of years.
  • Board member 2016-2023
  • Executive Director 2020-2023
  • Currently leading the infrastructure team for the XSF

My perspective on the XSF

I believe that the XSF's primary purpose is, of course, providing the process and infrastructure through which we publish XEPs. It also provides us with and the discussion venues. My perspective is that the XSF is not the XMPP community, but an entity that helps support and connect community members, and enables them to collaborate.

For example, in the past couple of years I have been trying to expand the XSF-provided as a way to support even more interesting community projects. This role of originally began many years ago with Peter Saint-Andre arranging the hosting of the community-developed "IM Observatory" (soon to be replaced with a successor: Other projects include and

My goal is to keep the XSF moving in this direction, in whatever small ways seem possible. That is, not letting the XSF be a bottleneck in the community, but simply a supporter of the community.