Ludovic Bocquet Application 2020

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About me

My name is Ludovic Bocquet, I am 34 years old, french.

XMPP related projects


I work for the democratization of SCRAM-SHA instead of the old DIGEST-MD5 for XMPP, IMAP, SMTP, LDAP, ...

It is linked to RFC5802 / RFC6120 / RFC7677 / RFC8600 and RFC6331.

A lot of libraries/softwares have been updated :)

I have updated the logo to be perfect, you can see here: XMPP service

Since several years, I speak to upgrade server softwares, to be more up-to-date and to be more compliant with current specificities.

XMPP URIs support

I request XMPP URIs support on websites like here :)

TLS Everywhere

I promoted the Manifesto / TLS Everywhere.

Jabber Spam Fighting

I promote the Manifesto / Spam Reduction on

IM Observatory

I promote the XMPP IM Observatory and requested some improvements.


I suggest to migrate and I help people to install an XMPP server (ejabberd, Jackal, Metronome, Openfire, Prosody and Tigase).

Why I like XMPP

I like this protocol because it is open and extensible and the best solution for real-time chat...

Why I am re-applying

Improve XEPs, give ideas, contribute on several levels (communication and infrastructure)...


Previous years