Joachim Lindborg Application 2022

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About Me

I'm Joachim Lindborg user pages a Swedish computer scientist and work in the energy sector, also known as jocke or jabberjocke. I have been working with XMPP since 2011 and applied to XSF first time in 2012.

I truly love tech that bridges between silos I have my own firm Systems AB and XMPP has been using xmpp alot inside my stuff.

Why I Am reapplying for XSF Membership

It's now 2022 I'm seeing more and more MQTT IoT applications which are sad since they create siloed IoT solutions and no federation

I still belive XMPP could be a real intermidiator for IoT in the same way XMPP is for chat so therfore I would really like to continue the work in the XSF

Whats your take? please contact me and discuss!

To read more thorough on my xmpp history look on user page

Joachim user pages

or just go on internet

Joachim on the web