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My name is Matthew Wild, and I am located in the United Kingdom. I work with XMPP for fun and for food, and I have founded multiple open-source XMPP projects such as Prosody, Snikket and the Modern XMPP documentation project.

I am currently serving on the XSF Board, and as the Executive Director.

XMPP-related work this past year

  • I have continued to work on Snikket, an ambitious project to offer the best of XMPP as a single well-integrated and user-friendly solution. The project is open-source and self-hostable, and I hope that it will become a user-friendly "gateway" into the XMPP ecosystem for many.
  • Attended FOSDEM 2024, and assisted in promotion of XMPP by engaging with conference attendees with promotional materials and fun demos.
  • I continue to lead the XSF infrastructure team, including setting up as a home for various community-run projects.


Particular standards I am interested in working on include a new specification for push notifications, account configuration (including per-user data retention preferences) and working more on the future of group chat in XMPP (MUC/MIX).


  • Snikket, an easy-to-use XMPP distribution for non-XMPP people
  • ModernXMPP, a project to fill the gaps between XEPs and help developers build modern user-friendly clients using XMPP.
  • Scansion, an automated XMPP client (e.g. for integration testing)
  • Prosody, an XMPP server for human beings


  • I actively participate in the development of the XMPP protocol and its extensions.
  • I served many years on the XSF technical council, and am currently in my sixth term as a member of the foundation's board.


  • MattJ in
  • Jabber/email: me (at)