Matthew Miller Application 2011

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My name is Matthew Miller (, I am employed by Cisco Systems, Inc. as a software engineer.

I've been working with and on Jabber/XMPP since late 2000. Mostly admin help for others running jabberd1.4, then developing solutions atop XMPP for my employers. I started JSO to aid in this development. I am also contributing to the BlinkRez asynchronous DNS library to help build a better, scalable, more secure tomorrow (-:

I joined the XSF at its inception in 2001. I was on XSF the council 2003-2005, then again in 2010. I have authored, co-authored, and contributed to numerous XEPs. I have also been a co-presenter on Jabber/XMPP technologies at the Denver JUG.


Some protocols I've contributed to include:


I have been, and currently am, a member of the Council; where I've reviewed, commented, and voted on various other XEPs.


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