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Mandatory Information

My Jid

I have two active JID's: dbanes@jabber.org for personal things and dbanes@cleartext.com I use for work.

My Email Address

Again, two: david@banes.org is my personal address and dbanes@cleartext.com is my work address.


I am a co-founder of Cleartext P/L, a Sydney, Australia based software as a service(SaaS) messaging provider. Our main services are hosted business email and managed email security and compliance services. We've been offering hosted XMPP services for about 6-8 months. We're close to launching a new combined SaaS and desktop IM and micro-blogging service/product.

XMPP Related Activity

  • Continual online promotion and evangelising of Jabber/XMPP technologies since 1999.
  • I've been writing client side XMPP/Jabber code since 1999.
  • Co-author of CipherIM and proprietary IM client converted to the Jabber protocol in 2000-2001.
  • My company (Cleartext) has represented Jabber Inc and Jive Software (OpenFire) in Australia since 2005.
  • I served as Director & Chairman of the XSF during the 2008-2009 period.
  • Currently working on a cross platform XMPP IM and micro-blogging desktop client.

Why the XSF?

Because the net needs a standardised messaging protocol for IM, micro-blogging and other messaging use and the XSF needs support in it's efforts to promote XMPP.

-- David Banes, Founder, Cleartext

(Thanks to Dave Cridland for the template for this submission :)