Ashley Ward Application 2013

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I am Ashley Ward and I am applying for XSF membership for the first time. :)


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I have been involved with IT since I was a wee lad and we got a Commodore 16 one Christmas. I code in various different languages, but seem to be doing a lot of Java and Javascript lately.

In my current role I have been involved with the creation and deployment of a chat application for one of our clients based on emite/hablar which got me involved in XMPP as a technology a few years ago. More recently I have also been involved in the Buddycloud project.


Work on the XMPP Protocol

Why I'm applying

I really like the XMPP protocol, and can see it becoming an increasingly essential internet protocol in the future, not just for IM but for far more general applications too, and I really want to be involved in shaping that. I also really enjoyed being with everyone and getting involved at the recent summit, and want more of that. The XSF is such a nice bunch of people! :)