Ashley Ward Application 2013

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I am Ashley Ward and I am applying for XSF membership for the first time. :)


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I have been involved with IT since I was a wee lad and we got a Commodore 16 one Christmas. Didn't have many games so used to borrow coding books from the library and write stuff instead! I now code in various different languages, but seem to be doing a lot of Java and Javascript lately.

In my current role I have been involved with the creation and deployment of a chat application for one of our clients based on emite/hablar which got me involved in XMPP as a technology a few years ago. More recently I have also been involved in the Buddycloud project.


Work on the XMPP Protocol


Live in Kent, UK with my wife and 14 months old daughter. Family life keeps me pretty busy so don't have much spare time, but I do get involved and tread the boards with the local Amateur Dramatic society.

Why I'm applying

I really like the XMPP protocol, and can see it becoming an increasingly essential internet protocol in the future, not just for IM but for far more general applications too, and I really want to be involved in shaping that. I also really enjoyed being with everyone and getting involved at the recent summit, and want more of that. The XSF is such a nice bunch of people! :)