XSF website gap analysis notes

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XSF Website Gap Analysis


From StPeter's email to the CommTeam list:

In Brussels, Will and I talked about the need for a "gap analysis" to
figure out what old pages don't have new equivalents, what redirects we
need, etc. To help in that task, I've created a web page that lists all
of the old URLs. We can simply click these to see where they go. :)
You can find the page here:

WordPress Page Needed

To Be Determined

  • 57-173 old Council agendas and minutes -- transfer in bulk or archive as text?
  • 829-864 old Member meeting minutes -- transfer in bulk or archive as text?

No Action Required

  • 180-470 are the XEPs -- these are fine
  • 478-554 are the protocol pages -- these are fine
  • 555-580 are the registries -- these are fine
  • 582-588 are the RFCs -- these are fine
  • 589-707 are the schemas -- these are fine

Redirect Required