Wojciech Kapcia Application 2024

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  • Name: Wojciech Kapcia
  • E-Mail/JID: wojtek@tigase.org
  • Projects/Affiliation: Tigase
  • GitHub: GitHub
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn
  • Location: Poland/Chile


Long time XMPP user. Trying to promote it as much as possible as I believe it's the most sensible option for IM communication. Since 2010 working on Tigase.

XMPP Related Activities

Most of my current activities revolve mostly around server side Tigase:

  • improving Tigase's compatibility with XMPP specs and general interoperability,
  • building, packaging, releasing;
  • maintaining public servers tigase.im and sure.im
  • promotion and help with XMPP.

Apart from that I'm involved with clients (SiskinIM, BeagleIM and StorkIM) testing and QA.

Plans for a future

I want to work to improve Tigase XMPP Server compatibility with the most recent extensions and work on aligning Tigase projects with Modern XMPP. It's also essential to make deploying XMPP-based solution as easy as possible and this will be main goal for this year.

XMPP - Why I like it

I like XMPP because of its openness and flexibility which allows freely choose from abundance of software (both server as well as client) and services without sacrificing interoperability. It also allows contributing back.

I do hope and do my best to convince people to switch from other, closed solutions to XMPP.