Winfried Tilanus application 2015

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About me

Winfried Tilanus

XMPP related projects


Activities for XSF

  • Since 2014 Member of the editorial team, doing some work on automation
  • Since 2012 I try to coordinate the maintenance of the BOSH XEPs (XEP-0124 and XEP-0206)
  • Participation at summits & mailinglists
  • Promoting XMPP, for example in the Dutch e-health world
  • Several talks on Fosdem

Why I want to be a XSF member

Being a member of the XSF is for me a way to express my strong affinity with XMPP: I believe XMPP has many powerful solutions to common problems and at the same time XMPP is a very strong ecosystem. XMPP is also one of the cores of my work for HelpIM. Sharing experiences with the XMPP community helps a lot with HelpIM.

Targets I hope to achieve next year (I know, too busy, no time):

  • Automate the XEP publishing process.
  • Co-author 2 XEPs on OTR: one as it is and one as it should be.
  • Get XEP-0206 final.
  • Raise my humble voice on XMPP on the web, security and legal issues.