Winfried Tilanus Application 2023

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Name: Winfried Tilanus



Affiliation: Privacy Company

XMPP & me:

More then 20 years ago I became responsible for the chat application of the Dutch Child Helpline, it was build on top of XMPP. It grew out to a specialized SAAS for online care and it brought me to the center of many e-health innovations in the Netherlands. The focus of my work moved more and more to privacy, but I'm still a fan of XMPP.

The XSF & me:

It was great to be at the summit and FOSDEM again. As you might have noticed, right now my focus is on the policy making that surrounds standardization: governments trying to outsource policy making to standardization organizations, something that is dangerous and an opportunity at the same time.

But lets be honest: much of my time right now is occupied by this great but intensive job I have (privacy is great when you are in the position that you can be a data bitch). So I will be in the background, lurking and sometimes be giving a little push.