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Well, I have been member of the XSF for a long time. And this year I asked myself whether I should stay XSF member or not. None of my consultancy right now involves XMPP (though I am still pushing it at some of my customers) and I don't run any XMPP server except my private one and I haven't done any XMPP development for some time. I also notice I am good at starting thing, but less good at finishing them. So I have the feeling I mainly leave unfinished businesses at the XSF.

After attending summit 23 I made up my mind and decided to re-apply. Looking back, I contributed quite a lot this year: helping working out the consequences of the GDPR for XMPP, working on a blog and a whitepaper on an interesting XMPP deployment, helping at FOSDEM, participating in the summit. I can still contribute a lot to the community and I still learn a lot from the community.

Looking forward: there are some unfinished businesses. I want to make more visible in what unexpected and sometimes spectacular ways XMPP solves problems. Want to show the thousands of deploymens we never hear about. So I decided to do what I am good at: writing. I still have a whitepaper and a blog to finish. And I want to do more of those: go out there and interview the people behind interesting XMPP deployments and publish about them.

And that is a question from me to you: if you know deployments that I should describe, either because they are unexpected, carry a nice lessen for others, are eye-catching, are technically interesting or just a nice example, please let me know!

So what to expect from me? Not writing XEPs or editing them nor updating websites, I can do that but that is not my strength. But you can expect me to write nice stories and blogs, to participate in discussions and bring in my expertise from my daily work.

Oh, and then some formalities:

Winfried Tilanus

company: (self employed)

Occupation: telling people politely they haven't got the faintest idea what they are doing, but I call myself 'privacy strategist'