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About me

I have been using XMPP for several decades, but more recently my practical involvement has picked up with my involvement with, Cheogram, and where I am the lead developer for several years now.

I have read most of the XEPs (but still sometimes discover new ones!) and spend a lot of time thinking about how to implement useful client and service features on top of what we already have, and also then actually doing that implementation in either the Cheogram Android client or of of the various services, all open source.

I feel like we have a problem in terms of lots of overlapping XEPs and implementors not being sure which one to choose for a given feature. While not all such guidance need be an XSF or council concern, pressure can probably be applied at this point to reduce the creation of duplicates and also to make sure the status on XEPs is more meaningful (in terms of deferred vs stable). I will endeavour (whether on council or not) to be more proactive in contacting XEP authors to help make this a reality.

I also believe strongly in re-use. We have a modular, extensible format and protocol after all, and so building on things already existing and deployed is a very good thing often.