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The XSF is mostly run by volunteers to which we are all thankful, but this alone doesn't help much. Being a council member takes a significant amount of time, and we need people willing to invest at least that much into it.

I have noticed that there is little feedback given on the list by council members, and that's something I want to emphasize on. Participation on the list is key, taking the time to review proposed XEPs or changes, and answer threads whether I disagree or not.

XMPP as a protocol needs to accept and embrace change to be able to survive. Requirements from 20 years ago are different from nowadays' requirements.

While the protocol has evolved significantly in the past few years to accomodate some of these new requirements, and I am sure there are still progress to be made.

I want to break this culture of fearmongering change. If we need to change things or change the way we do things, so be it.

I would like to encourage PubSub implementations. Limiting XMPP to Instant Messaging is quite simplistic.

I will also support the rework of a rich text formatting specification that doesn't take semantics on the wire as a joke.