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Here are some things I found were missing in previous boards:

  • Transparency
  • To be proactive
  • Involve members more in the life of the foundation
  • Outreach

I will attempt to do these things.

Within the XSF - Volunteers

Yes, we are all volunteers. Yes we do not have all resources we would wish for. This does not mean we should neglect the opportunity we are given as board members (or council members, for this matter).

This does not mean board members have to do everything themselves. They can use the time they want to attribute to the foundation to lead actions efficiently.

I believe transparency is key to the success of the XSF. The more information out there, the easier it is for others to join our efforts. This transparency has been greatly lacking in my opinion.

The XSF also has money that is not put to use, when it could actually help in these cases.

I would like to make it worth for people to join the XSF. While board members are elected for a reason, I want to involve regular members more than we currently do. We should reiterate that members also have rights for themselves that they can use.

Outside the XSF - Outreach/Interest

I have been hard at work this past year and a half trying to bring developers together (as part of SCAM, but also before that), and show that XMPP is not dead.

I believe there is a lot more that can be done to rouse interest around us. We not only need to show that we are not dead, but also that we are very much ubiquitous (because it is the case, when you look at lots of existing products).

This does not translate to creating the one magical solution that will solve everything. The XSF is protocol making entity, and while there are many things that could be improved, I believe it is fulfilling its duties relatively well.

This is also a place where money could be put to use, such as financially supporting members to go to conferences etc.