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Hey there,

I am a computer scientist with a broad interest in Systems Engineering, Information Retrieval, Human-Machine Interaction and Machine Learning. My spare time is mostly filled with electronic projects (see GitHub) and Open Source Software, often done in the Netz39 hackerspace. In my work life I am employed as Head of Research in a company which develops, builds and deploys infrared-based sensor systems for Automated Passenger Counting in public transport environments. I'm using Linux since 1998 almost exclusively, but I tend to have a very strong opinion when it comes to bad software, especially regarding the usability aspect.

My current mission is bringing Open Source Software and open standards into the industry and making FLOSS fit for industry use (there are issues on both sides).


XMPP is with me for quite a while now. First as IM protocol in Jabber messengers, later on for communication between software agents (GLUE and MOCCA coming to GitHub soon). I believe that XMPP has a strong potential as communication standard in industrial application and I'll be happy to see and use it more often in this context.

I've taken some interest in the XMPP development, especially regarding IoT communication, mobile use and usability for IM users (such as the Easy XMPP discussion), thus I'd be happy to become a member of the XSF community. :)