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Maciej Niedzielski


machekku on summer break, wearing Japanese yukata in Japan

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Hello, my name is Maciej Niedzielski (although I prefer a bit less formal "Maciek" for my first name) and I'm from Poland. I'm a 4th year student of Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology.


I became interested in Jabber about 3 years ago and I was instantly hit by it's flexibility and extensibility. Open and powerful protocol enabled anyone to create (unseen, or - at least - not so popular in other networks) useful bots and agents, providing access to dictionaries, weather info, etc, etc. Jabber is more than IM - I thought.

Soon after I started using Jabber, I became interested in modifying Psi client (which is one of the most popular in Poland, both among users and programmers wishing to modify something). I published about 20 - smaller or bigger - patches since then. Then came summer of 2004, and I set myself two targets: learn Python and write a Jabber bot. Soon I noticed that the best idea is to do both at once: this is how Suuga - my math bot - was born. Summer seems to be the most productive development time for me: in summer 2005 I started working on Jobble Jabber Users Map, together with my friend. This project is still being actively developed, and working on it pushed me towards Jabber HTTP-Auth - my Summer of Code 2006 project.


Some people think that I am Japanese, but it's not true. At least not yet ;) But I have to admit that there is one beautiful Japanese girl... who... mmm... :)

Hmm... what else should I say? :)

"Machekku" nick

For now, I will just help you to understand the origin of my nick :)

Hmm... I never had a good idea for a nick. I used to write Maciek, but wasn't very hapy about it. And now? I'm still using my first name :)

Let's take Maciek name and try writing it in Japanese: マチェック And now let's take マチェック and write it back in "our" script using official transliteration. What do we get? Yes, you're right: Machekku :)