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Hi, My name is Marvin Wißfeld, I also go by the nicknames larma and mar-v-in. This is my re-application for XSF membership.

About Me

I am contributing to and developing open-source software since 2011. Most of my work is related to the Android operating system. Examples of projects I significantly contributed to (and are not mentioned in the next section) include microG and OpenKeychain.

I graduated with a master in computer science and am a self-employed software engineer. My research and professional focus are in mobile privacy, IT security and fintech. I currently live in south-western Germany. The nearest large city by train minutes is Paris.

Me and XMPP

My first development activity around XMPP in 2012 was an open-source client for Android based on Smack. [1] It was a total mess and I discontinued work on it just a few months after publication. I also experimented with a system-wide XMPP service for Android in 2014, but it never became useful for anything. [2] In 2015, I participated in Google Summer of Code under the XSF to develop DNSSEC functionality for minidns. [3] While originally developed for the use in Smack, it is now also used in Conversations as well as many other projects. Since 2016, I am one of the main developers of Dino. Since 2018 I (co-)mentor Google Summer of Code students for Dino.

I regularly participate in development sprints and help advertise XMPP on conferences. I am happily contributing my opinion on the mailing list and in xsf@ MUC. I became a member of XSF in 2019. My personal interest in XMPP is user-friendly and secure personal and team communication (chats and calls). I am happy to contribute further to XEPs as well as Dino and other XMPP-related open source projects, to make this reality.

Read more about me on my user page.


For the upcoming years, I'm planning to do the following (might shuffle things around a bit):

  • Implement multi-party calls in Dino and based on gathered data, improve and fix existing XEPs in the field (XEP-0272, XEP-0298 and XEP-0340).
  • Implement current OMEMO (omemo:1) in Dino.
  • Fix issues with XEP-0444, XEP-0446, XEP-0447, XEP-0448 and implement them in Dino.
  • Write a specification for cross-protocol bridges in groupchats (client-side "puppeteering") and implement it in Dino and Matterbridge.
  • Write a specification for "work spaces" (collection of users, groupchats, pubsub nodes, ...) and implement it in Dino and a corresponding server-side component.


  • Full name: Marvin Wißfeld
  • XMPP address: jabber at
  • e-Mail address: xmpp at
  • XSF discussion username: larma