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Jonas Schäfer
DevOps Team Lead
JID/Email, (both work as Email and JID)
jonas’ (in MUCs), horazont (on GitHub and IRC), jssfr (on GitLab, Codeberg and IRC, some MUCs)
CLOUD&HEAT Technologies GmbH

Note: When contacting me via XMPP, please send a short message along your subscription request, because I get quite a bit of SPIM and have stopped accepting unsolicited subscription requests without any context. Please avoid the use of OMEMO because not all of my clients support it.

XMPP Background

I used to be mainly in the realm of client development, though I have started to touch on the server side of things in the past years, in particular around Prosody, in both Lua and Rust. I started actually using XMPP in about 2010, and soon began to develop "bots" which perform several tasks based on SleekXMPP. The versatility of XMPP I learnt about in that process hooked me for the protocol.

In 2014 I had decided to start developing an XMPP library (aioxmpp) and client (JabberCat on my own. Even though both are pretty much discontinued now, it gave me a deep insight into the challenges and issues of XMPP. These days, I'm mostly working on server side things, at Prosody or Snikket.

Since 2018, I also run the Jabber Chat Room search engine on

In 2020, I started the free public monitoring service for federated XMPP servers.

I was part of the XMPP Council for five terms until I did not reapply for the Council last year. I served as editor for quite a while, until I resigned at the end of 2022.

Why should I vote for you?

I am helping the Infrastructure Team maintaining services and I try to contribute to discussions in XSF venues when applicable.