Tobias Markmann for Council 2013

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I'm Tobias Markmann, a CS student from Germany currently pursuing a MSc degree. Since I've joined the XSF in 2007 I've worked on various XMPP related software including client, components and servers.

Current Projects

Currently I'm mostly working on Swift and some experimental projects.

Implementation Experience

I've implemented various new and old XEPs, including but not limited to Jingle File Transfer + related ones, BOSH, and Stream Management, and provided feedback where I've seen fit. Nearly all those implementation have been for open-source projects like Prosody, Psi, libpurple, Swift(-en), etc.

Previous Term

In my previous term on the XMPP Council, I've finally started the long planned project to phase out XEP-0012. XEP-0012 is used quite ambiguous for thinks like XMPP entity uptime, last seen online and idle time and isn't really interoperable across various implementations. Thus I've proposed XEP-0318 and XEP-0319, for last seen online and idle time respectively. These need further testing and finishing and also the uptime use case needs to be taken care of.

Why I'm reapplying

I want to continue to help further improve XMPP and protocols based on it. I'm interested in actually working file-sharing between users based on Jingle technology and integration of DNSSEC in XMPP for server authentication which I both intent to pursue during the next term. Secure XMPP service delegation is an important issue so pushing POSH forward in any way possible to me is also on my list.

From my work on Google Summer of Code projects and other XMPP related projects, in addition to my current XMPP Council membership, I've discussed various XEPs and RFC drafts and helped improving them.

In my opinion the ideal XEP has a clean and rather non-complicated protocol, examples for most use cases and has been implemented and tested by various parties and ideally in different programming languages/environments. If possible it should comply with XMPP/Jabber's original idea of keeping clients rather simple and moving complicated stuff to the server while it's still important to make sure that servers are able so scale up to 100k users in clustered setups.

As my current occupation is mostly being a full-time student I have a couple of hours of free time to spend on council stuff a week.


If you have open questions about me or this application feel free to contact me or browse my website.