Timothée Jaussoin Application 2014

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About Me

  • My name is Tim aka edhelas
  • I live in Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • I'm a IT engineering student at the University of Nantes, currently doing my final year before my graduation
  • I already took part in a couple of free software events in France and Switzerland (Journées du Logiciel Libre and Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre)

What about XMPP ?

Well, I'm the fondator of the Movim Project which principal aim is to build a full social network on top of the XMPP protocol. You can see the current state of the XMPP implementation in Movim.

Linked to this project I've also wrote a couple of other piece of code :

I've also help to package the LWQQ library, a little libpurple transport library to the chinese QQ IM network.

I've also submited the XEP-0330: Pubsub Subscription.


I think that XMPP can be way more than a simple IM protocol and I'm convinced that we can built a full social network on top of it.


Email & JID : edhelas + at + movim + dot + eu