Steffen Larsen Application 2015

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Contact Information


company name: BrainTrust


My name is Steffen Larsen, and I am from Copenhagen, Denmark. I've been in the XSF since 2009. I also hold a Master degree in Computer Science, where my final thesis heavily was concerning about XMPP (core, XEP-0166, XEP-0167 and XEP-0176). More specificly I was implementing a complete functional VOIP solution based on Jingle into the pidgin platform as a plugin.

When I wrote the thesis the Jingle was just beginning to mature, so I belief I made some valuable feedback and contributions to XEP-0166, XEP-0167 and XEP-0176 (also acknowledged). All the code was designed and implemented, from the establishment of the signal (ICE) to signaling (XMPP) and streaming. In general my interests within Computer Science lays in distributed computing, cloud computing, media streaming, protocols and network specifications.

I currently have my own consultacy company (BrainTrust ApS) doing consulting for software development, including XMPP development and solutions.

For more personal and work information, please see last years application [1]

XMPP Community and XSF Contributions

I consider my self very active for the XSF and the XMPP community in general, and is participating in almost all the meetings for the members and for the editorial team, where I am currently active in.

  • Almost participating in every summit and meetup for XSF / XMPP
  • Editorial meetings, when I got the time
  • Active on mailing list
  • Contributed and acknowledged for XEP-0166, XEP-0167, XEP-0176 and some IoT related stuff.
  • Reviewed XEP-0234, XEP-0260, XEP-0261 and more.
  • Contributed a bit to tigase server and build.
  • Developed xmpp client/server component for controlling TV/STB via. thin clients like android/iphone (see
  • Developed special XMPP solution for standard naval/maritime satellite equipment for Thrane and Thrane (see
  • Doing a lot of different XMPP external components with Whack/Smack, exmpp and node.js/xmpp.js for various projects.
  • Implementing client side Strophe plugins and applications (pub/sub etc).
  • Implemented a fully functional Jingle (VOIP) plugin in pidgin (though not the final XEP, because it was finished in 2007) (see [2]).
  • Owner and maintainer of the XMPP group at (good for promoting XMPP for companies).
  • Currently subscribing, reading and writing actively on the following email lists: Jabber dev, XMPP standards, XMPP social, XMPP member, XMPP jingle, strophe-dev, strophe, punjab.
  • Testing a lot of XMPP servers through extensively usage of TSUNG.

Plans for the future of XMPP / XSF

My plans if I am selected as a member will concentrate on these goals:

  • Participate in every XSF meeting and summits
  • Develop a Danish XMPP community for meetups and hacking.
  • Do a lot of presentations (done a few already in CPH)
  • Look and improve the IoT XEPs (implement in
  • Have fun and preach XMPP!
  • Implement a lot of XMPP (client and server side) at work (which I am doing already)

Why I am re-applying

Almost the same as last year;

I see a very bright future for the XMPP protocol, because it seems to converge different technologies and medias. Every day at work I keep preaching XMPP. I see it as a way to make many different technologies and media on the net converge, due to the interoperability and real-time. Well, I'm dependent on XMPP and it's community, so I want to see it do well; it's been a huge benefit to me. I'd like to give something back. So if I can help some by giving out some experiences and knowledge, I will be more than glad to do so. I really want to make this protocol succeed, both due to my huge interest in distributed system and my work. My interest right now is XMPP push (BOSH and websockets) for limited devices, such as mobile phones, set top boxes, TVs etc. integrating XMPP presence, pub/sub systems on TV for eventing.

Some elements I will focus on if I am elected: Large scale XMPP, load testing and Internet Of Things!

As I see it not many scenarios have been seen in a large scale (>100k users) before. Testing these XMPP scenarios and giving feedback by optimizing XMPP servers, proxies, connection managers and network topology will be one of my key issues. This said I hopefully get time to expanding the already huge portfolio of XEPs . Maybe it will be time for XMPP to get XEPs for TV and remote controlling by making new specifications.