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== Contact information ==

Company Name: Cellfish Media

''Sadly I cannot join the foundation meeting on 24th of November 2009''

== Who am I ==
I'm 29 years old Finnish guy living in Paris. Almost all my professional career I have been working with messaging starting from SMTP.

I got introduced to XMPP in March 2008. Since then I have been using it heavily at work and specially on my free time. Sadly I cannot work 100% of my work-time at the moment with XMPP. Hoping this to change soon.

== XMPP Related Projects ==
* [ Buddycloud] (as component programmer, as help of the architecture)
* [] (my personal website where I test multiple XEP's and help people to use them. At least following XEPs are used: XEP-0045, XEP-0071, XEP-0255, XEP-0080, XEP-0199, XEP-0085, XEP-0060, XEP-0107, XEP-0244, XEP-0263)

At work I have done multiple projects using XMPP. These projects include services such as moderation service, chat services (tens of thousands of users) and publishing services.

== Why I'm applying ==
I'm using a lot of my free time to work with XMPP related projects. I believe I can bring some extra to the XMPP Standards Foundation by spreading the technology and helping it to evolve.


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