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I'm a 19 year old student from Nindorf, Germany and I am applying for membership to the JSF.

== Contact ==
Jabber/XMPP: []
eMail: [mailto:tmarkmann(at) tmarkmann(at)]

== History ==
I have been interested in Jabber since 2003 and developing Jabber/XMPP software since 2005 and highly in 2006.
C++ is my main programming language at the moment but I also gained experiences with some BASIC dialects. Through my new project JNMT I'm going to learn PHP somehow.

== Current Software Development Activities ==
* Jabber Network Monitoring Toolkit(JNMT) which will be able to monitor various Jabber servers and their interconnections in a high quality. (C++/PHP)
* Next Generation MUC [[NGMUC]]
* I started developing a Jabber client using gloox and FLTK but since I swichted my primaries to JNMT this project pauses. (C++)

== Interests Beside Jabber ==
* FLTK (Free and Light Toolkit) []
* Drupal (Web Content Mangement System) []

== Intentions ==
* getting more involved to the Jabber world

==Why I like Jabber?==
I like Jabber because it's open and has commerical and open sources users. The presence of commercial users shows that it is already accepted by the industry and is supporting it. The next big thing is that Jabber(XMPP) is not just IM. It has so much usages. That's is what I like, in short. :)


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