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Welcome to the TechWiki page for sharing ideas, policies and conventions for new wiki pages.

For further detailed information, please contact

[[User:Pavlix|Pavlix]], [[User:MattJ|MattJ]] or [[User:stpeter|stpeter]].

== Main Objectives ==
* Create and maintain a Knowledge Base for XMPP standards and software
* Document the XMPP technology in general terms and link to XMPP Extensions
* Provide software compatibility information
* Summarize new ideas, proposals and plans
* Gather information coming from the mailing list discussions

== Specific Goals ==
There is not a well-organized place to share long-term information about [[XMPP standards]], software and technology. Mailing lists are full of repeating discussions
that could be avoided if the information is available online.

=== Relax the mailing list traffic ===
* Add a section to an article about the topic and link to this section instead of
writing the suggestion/issue (again and again) to the mailing list.
* For longer texts use separate pages (or subpages of your user page, if not sure) and again, post links to interested parties and a mailing list.
* Document current behaviour and current issues in the wiki pages so that interested people easily find them. Point other peoples to it whenever they ask.

=== Keep relevant information together ===
* Information will be organized into logical sections to allow easy navigation.
* General pages and categories will be used to bind related information together.

=== Open communication ===
* Mailing lists are too time-consuming for some people, even those who may bring significant value to the [[XMPP community]].
* XMPP software developers, users and other interested parties can edit the wiki pages as long as they don't deliberately break policies or good behaviour (XSF membership '''not''' required).

== Page Categories ==
* [[:Category:Technical Pages]] discuss particular topics and related XEPs.
* [[:Category:Software Pages]] discuss software and its features.

Note that we discourage creation of per-XEP pages as they don't add any particular value. Wiki is for describing the XMPP technology in whole. That means we prefer to have a page about [[File Transfer]] to have one page per filetransfer extension, for example.

Similarly, a page about [[Jingle]] will include references to all related XEPs
(while some of them will be referenced also from [[Voice]] or [[File transfer]]), as well as a software compatibility table.

This is to improve usability of the [[XMPP Wiki]] and may later become part of the [[Wiki Policy]].

== Templates ==
Wiki pages with similar purpose should be structured as uniformly as possible. Here is the list of such templates.
* [[Technical Page (Template)]] - about a general technical topic
* [[Software Page (Template)]] - about a software product

== Work in progress ==
You can help populating the wiki pages. Here is an informal list of current efforts.

* Define templates and conventions
* Start techpages on various topics (see below).
* Move techpages from [] to the wiki and improve them
* Start software pages about [ servers], [ clients], components and [ libraries].

There are several hot topics to answer.

* [[Core Protocols]]
* [[Jingle]] - the Jingle peer-to-peer technology
* [[File Transfer]] - about file transfer extensions in XMPP
* [[Voice]] - voice over XMPP, audio codecs and related
* [[Video]] - video over XMPP, video codecs and related
* [[End-to-end security]] - a specific security-related topic
* [[Transport Layer Security]] - TLS use
* [[Message Acknowledgements]]
* [[Client Authentication]]
* [[Multi-User Chat]] - proposals and extensions related to conferences
* [[Anti-spam Techniques]]
* [[Data Limits]]
* [[XML Streams]]

And also several general topics to summarize XMPP features.

* [[Security]] - links to various security topics
* [[Reliability]] - reliability issues, solutions and proposals in XMPP
* [[Encryption]] - uses of encryption in XMPP
* [[Interoperability]]
* [[Extensibility]]
* [[Internationalization]]

Software-related articles too.

* [[Servers]]
* [[Clients]]
* [[Components]]


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