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In accordance with the [ JSF Bylaws], once a year the [ Jabber Software Foundation] holds elections for its [ Board of Directors] and for the [ Jabber Council]. Elections for the 2006-2007 Board and Council will be held on September 20, 2006 (with proxy voting in the weeks before that). If you are interested in running for Board or Council, please add a wiki page about your candidacy to one or both of the following sections by the close of business on August 31, 2006. (Note: Jabber Council members must be elected members of the JSF; however, there is no such restriction for the Board of Directors.)

== Board of Directors ==

* [[Alexander Gnauck for Board 2006]]
* [[Mickaël Rémond for Board 2006]]
* [[Matt Tucker for Board 2006]]

== Jabber Council ==

* [[Gaston Dombiak for Council 2006]]
* [[Ralph Meijer for Council 2006]]
* [[Matthew Miller for Council 2006]]
* [[Chris_Mullins_For_Council]]
* [[Ian Paterson for Council 2006]]
* [[Peter Saint Andre for Council 2006]]
* [[Kevin Smith for Council 2006]]
* [[Remko Troncon for Council 2006]]


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