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The Jabber-related Summer of Code projects have been selected. We had ~100 applications and it was very difficult to select from among them. The accepted projects are listed below.

* [[Encrypted Sessions and XMPP support for SIM-IM]] (student: Jan Å embera; mentor: Ian Paterson)
* [[HTTP-Auth suite]] (student: [[User:Machekku|Maciej Niedzielski]]; mentor: Jacek Konieczny)
* [[Instant Syndicating]] (student: Nick Vidal; mentor: Remko Tronçon)
* [[Java Jingle]] (student: [[User:AlNorth|Alasdair North]]; mentor: Matt Tucker)
* [[Psi JFT|Jingle File Transfer for Psi]] (student: [[User:Murilo|Murilo Belluzzo]]; mentor: Justin Karneges)
* [[Psi Link-local messaging | Link-local messaging support for Psi]] (student: [[User:JasonMcC|Jason McCandless]]; mentor: Justin Karneges)
* [[Psi Plugins Soc 2006 | Plugin and scripting support for Psi]] (student: [[User:kevin|Kevin Smith]]; mentor: Peter Saint-Andre)
* [[Gajim PubSub|PubSub for Gajim]] (student: Tomasz Melcer; mentor: Yann Le Boulanger)
* [[Real-time wiki]] (student: Grzegorz Grasza; mentor: Mickael Remond)
* [[Psi Whiteboarding | Whiteboarding support for Psi]] (student: Joonas Govenius; mentor: Remko Tronçon)

And some Jabber-related projects for other teams include:
* [ Inkboard Protocol Spec and Lib Conversion]
* [ Jingle support in Adium]

You can still view the [[Summer of Code 2006 Project Ideas]], too.

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