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= About Me =
== Who I am ==
My name is [[User:Bmalkow|Bartosz Małkowski]]. I'm 31. I live in Poland.

== What I do ==
I'm the owner of the Polish branch of the Tigase and I'm member of [] projects. As company I develop web based XMPP/Jabber clients on order.

= Jabber/XMPP Projects=
I am the maintainer and the main developer of few XMPP related projects:
* [ tigase-pubsub] is PubSub implementation for [ Tigase XMPP Server]. It may work in cluster.
* [ tigase-muc] is Multi-User Chat component, designed to works with [ Tigase XMPP Server].
* [ tigase-xmpp4gwt] is XMPP library written in Java and designed to works with Google Web Toolkit. xmpp4gwt is base for my other projects
* [ tigase-minichat] is simple web Jabber client, easy to embed on web page, designed to talk with one JID. It can be used as "talk with consultant".
* [ tigase-messenger] will be full featured, web-based XMPP/Jabber client.

== Plans for the future ==
I want finish tigase-messenger and cluster mode support to tigase-muc.

== Why I'm applying? ==
Because I like XMPP. I think that XMPP is future of Instant Messaging. I just want to help.

== Contact ==
See [[User:Bmalkow|user page]].


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