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My name is Ralph Meijer (ralphm) and I'm applying for the continuance of my JSF membership.

I've been an active member of the Jabber community since late 2000. I have co-authored a number of XEPs, all around publish-subscribe technologies, and contributed to many others, as well as the XMPP specification submitted to the IETF. Futhermore I have served on the XMPP Council since 2004.

I currently work for [ Jaiku], on open standards and XMPP, and keep a [ personal weblog].

== Services ==

I maintain the following Jabber related services:

* [ Planet Jabber] - *The* aggregate blog of Jabber related blogs.
* [ Mimír] - A Jabber enabled news service / web-based news reader.

== Code ==

My most visible contributions in terms of code are:

* [ Idavoll] - A (framework for building a) server-side component that implements a JEP-0060 compliant publish-subscribe service.
* The XMPP support in the [ Twisted Framework], of which I am the current maintainer.

== Evangelism ==

I am a strong promoter of Jabber related technologies and have been given presentations at the European conferences [ FOSDEM], [ XTech], [ EuroOSCON], and [ NLUUG]. Also, I've organised a Jabber developers' room and Jabber booth at FOSDEM on several occasions, as well as a booth on EuroOSCON.

== Why? ==

I would like retain my membership to continue my work within the XSF for the European continent. I will also re-apply for the next term of the XMPP Council.


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