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My name is Lucas Nussbaum and I'm applying to retain my XSF membership.

I've been involved in the XMPP community for a few years now (JSF/XSF member since 2004), and in the Free Software community for a few more years.

=== Past work ===
A few years ago, I created the [ Apinc Jabber server], which is now by far the largest Jabber server for french-speaking users.
After being part of the admin team for that server for two years, I decided to move to other things, so the server is now maintained by the other members of the team (including Grégoire Menuel, also an XSF member).

I'm the original author of [ XMPP4R], the XMPP library for Ruby.

=== Recent and future work ===
More recently, I resumed working on XMPP4R, focusing mainly on release management. I released XMPP4R 0.4 in August 2008 after almost two years without releases, and 0.5 in June 2009. I plan to continue working on XMPP4R.

I've also been regularly monitoring the "market shares" of the various XMPP clients using the Apinc jabber server as the polling base. See [ the stats for 2009].

I've recently started a new job as assistant professor at the university of Nancy, France. I plan to use XMPP as the basis for some practical work or projects. Btw, if you have already used XMPP during teaching, I'm interested in feedback.

=== Contact info ===
* JID:
* email:
* company: Université Nancy 2


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