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My name is [ Kurt Zeilenga] and I'm applying for XSF membership.

Contact Information:

I've been developing Internet software for a couple of decades now. In 1998, I founded the [ OpenLDAP Project] and served as its Chief Architect until 2007 when I decided it was time to do something new (to me). I continue to advise the project.

I've been active in the [ Internet Engineering Task Force] since 1998, mostly in areas of Directory Services and Internet Security. I've authored/edited [ numerous RFCs] and co-chaired the [ LDAP Revision (LDAPbis) WG] (now concluded). I currently co-chairing the [ Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)] and [ vCard and CardDAV] working groups.

I work full time for [ Isode Limited] as Internet standards and technology engineer.

==XMPP Projects==
I am currently implementing XMPP Security Label/Clearance based authorization in [ Isode]'s [ M-Link] product.

I hope to draft a new XEP on the subject of XMPP Security Label/Clearance based Authorization.

===Plans for the future===
I hope to develop/standardize more general-use XMPP authorization capabilities.

==XMPP - Why I like it==
I came to XMPP because I was interested in doing something new (to me). Since coming to XMPP, I've become interested in providing sophisticated authorization controls to XMPP.

==Why I'm applying==
I am applying for XSF membership as I think I can help develop better XMPP standards.


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