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== ==
* Contact: [[Aconbere|Anders Conbere]]

A freenode like service to help get more MUCs out there. Allows for web based access via JSJac, but still provides full client support S2S etc.

== ejabberd - OpenID ==
* Contact: [[Aconbere|Anders Conbere]]

An Ejabberd http_module that allows for people to use their jabber server as an openID endpoint.

Here's a module that's already much more advanced than what I've done, it would be interesting to me to see this implemented.

== Ruby Jabber Component Framework ==
* Contact: [[Apisoni|Adam Pisoni]]

An xmpp4r based component framework that makes it trivial to create your own bots and/or xmpp services.
This is currently being developed by for a specific project and will require more work to make it truly generalized, though that is the short-term goal.
Specifically, it currently relies on ActiveRecord as the Roster/subscription store, memcache as the presence cache, and starling as the message queue. Ideally these would be plugable adapters themselves.
I'm looking for development help and design advice as to what pieces I'm missing as well as the best way to generalize the framework further.

== Rabbiter ==
* Contact: [[Aconbere|Anders Conbere]] [[AlexisRichardson|Alexis Richardson]]

Rabbiter is a bot that works on top of [ RabbitMQ] and the [ XMPP Transport] they released for that which enables microblogging like behavior (see [ twitter]. They're all over in england and couldn't make it over, but can hack live with us over the interwebs.


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