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= Introduction =

FOSDEM 2014 (the [ Free and Open Source Software Developers' Europe Meeting]) will take place on Saturday, February 1 and Sunday, February 2, 2014 in Brussels, Belgium.

This year the XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) will host the [ Realtime Lounge] together with Jitsi. There will also be a few XMPP related talks in the [ IoT Dev room] and [ Lightning Talks].

FOSDEM 2014 will be preceded by [[Summit_15|XMPP Summit 15]]. See there for details.

'''The XSF needs your help to make FOSDEM a success!'''

= Realtime Lounge =

This year, we will again have an enormous [ stand], together with Jitsi, called the Realtime Lounge. That needs filling with people! We're aiming to showcase exciting and inventive XMPP-based projects, and we need your help both to provide things to demo, and hang out answering questions from the crowd.

Also, please volunteer to spend some time at the lounge so that our hardworking volunteers can do things like eat lunch or catch some talks! The lounge hours are 10:00-19:00 on Saturday and 10:00-17:00 on Sunday.

== Demos ==

We are planning to host demonstrations at the lounge. If you would like to present a demo, please list it below.

* Iot devices: a few XMPP connected devices such as raspberries and alike (Joachim Lindborg)
* [ ikDisplay]: Realtime waterfall display of social network updates (Ralph Meijer)
* Lounge lighting with [ Philips Hue] bulbs and XMPP control (Ralph Meijer)

== Gear and supplies ==

To set up the stand, the area around it and cater for demos, we need a number of things to make it a success. Please add your name behind supplies that we haven't sourced yet. FOSDEM will provide us with high-speed ''wireless'' internet access. If you need wired internet for your demos, please let Ralph Meijer know.

'''Note:''' because we can't put up things on the walls (by decree of the venue), we will rely on projectors to show information, sponsors, etc. on the walls.

* Tables, 2 for Jabber/XMPP, 2 for Jitsi (FOSDEM)
* Transport van (Ralph Meijer / Edwin Mons)
* Furniture and swag stored at Cisco (Ralph Meijer / Edwin Mons)
* Stepladder (Ralph Meijer)
* Light fixings and lights (Ralph Meijer)
* Projector #1 ()
* Projector #2 ()
* Projector #3 ()
* Signage ()
* Markers ()
* Power extension cords / strips ()
* Storage boxes (to be bought in Brussels, Ralph / Edwin / Bear)

= Related activities at FOSDEM =

== [ IoT Dev room] ==

On Sunday there will be a [ developer room for IoT]. Joachim will present [ XMPP in the world of IoT]. Come and join discussions and show ofc devices based on XMPP.

== Lightning Talks ==

Emil Ivov will do a [ lightning talk on Jitsi].

= Sponsors =

While FOSDEM or our stand is free-of-cost itself, we do have some costs to organise it. This includes furniture, decoration and transport. Also, it is a tradition for the XSF to hold a dinner one evening during FOSDEM and the Summit. Sponsorship from individuals or organisations to help reduce the costs to attendees is always appreciated. As sponsors step forward they'll be listed at the [[Summit_15]] page.

If you or the organisations you work for would like to sponsor the dinner (no donation too small), then please contact any [ XSF Board Member]. See [[Summit_15]] for details.

= Who will be there =

Please add your name if you plan to be there (ordered by family name):

* Dave Cridland
* Philipp Hancke
* Steffen Larsen
* Joachim Lindborg
* Ralph Meijer
* Edwin Mons
* Stefan Strigler
* Simon Tennant
* Winfried Tilanus
* Lloyd Watkin


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