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I am Etienne Lavanant, I am French and I am a 23 year old male. I have been doing an Engineering School in IT in France (near Paris). I am finishing my last year internship on 20th January and will start working the following week as an IT Engineer in the South of France.

When I entered my school three years ago, I discovered Free Softwares and I started using instant messaging. Pretty soon, I searched for an open instant messaging protocol and I found Jabber/XMPP.

JID: tiennou _AT_ jabber _DOT_ fr

e-mail: tiennou _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com


===Admin work===
* I administrate a Jabber Server for my school. I started with a jabberd2 server and we have now migrated to an ejabberd server.
* I have also been part of the admin team of the [ APINC Jabber server] for a few months (a jabberd1.4 server). APINC is a French non for profit organisation providing ressources to non for profit projects over the Internet. It is believed to be the biggest non commercial Jabber Server in France with [ more than 10 000 subscribers].

===Development projects===
[ PyListC]: a component providing mailing lists features to XMPP. First it was supposed to be just an interface component so that any plain jabber client could use a mailing list feature using pubsub as a background technology. Then I changed my mind and wrote my component to be standalone (no pubsub component required). I hope this component can be usefull as such to many people but I still believe it is only a first step to a mailing list feature for Jabber. On the long run, a JEP should be written so that this feature use pubsub.

* I wrote many articles (almost all of them in French) about Jabber for my school website and for the [ french jabber community website].
* I have a [ Jabber section on my blog]
* I am rather active for user support in forum and chat room
* I wander a lot on the web looking for communities using Jabber or interested in Jabber and I try to help them making the most of Jabber

There are many things I would like to see in the future:
* About standardization: I would like to see a JEP to define how to provide Jabber with a mailing list feature using pubsub.
* About implementation: I am a strong believer of Jabber developing through communities using it as a communication tool and those communities able to communicate with each other thanks to Jabber. To achieve that, I think Jabber functionnalities should be added to softwares like blogs, wiki, CMS, etc. (jabber presence integrated in those tools, jabber notifications, being able to post through Jabber, etc.).
* About implementation: Also, I would like to see a reliable component able to sync a Jabber MUC room with an IRC room so that it is transparent to the user that not everybody is using the same protocol (not exactly a gateway). I know some projects having the same purpose already exist but I need to have a closer look at them. This would help transition from IRC to Jabber for some communities.
* More anti-spam tools and best practices. Right now spam is almost non-existant on the Jabber network but we'd better keep ahead of spammers as long as we can.
* Lots of others but it would be too long...

==Why am I applying?==
* To be part of talks about Jabber development
* To help representing the growing Jabber French community

* I like talking about me on the JSF web site ;-)
* Mum told me to do so ?


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